Implications of Kindle sales growth

Amazon have announced that their sales of eBooks have surpassed sales of all printed hardbacks and paperbacks combined - they are selling 105 Kindle books for every 100 print editions. Amazing to think that the Kindle has only been around for three-and-a-half years.

It is interesting to speculate on what the future holds for libraries, publishing, bookselling, and the whole world of books and reading in general...

Here are one commentator's thoughts:

"The speed is remarkable, but the outcome doesn't surprise me. I buy almost everything for Kindle now, unless it doesn't have a Kindle edition, or it has lots of pictures that I want to examine in detail. Which is to say, not many.  Frequently, if it doesn't have a Kindle edition, I don't order it at all. And like many Kindle owners, I've found that I buy more books than I used to."

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