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Information Books

Excitement is mounting here at SLA as we approach the first announcement of the winners of the SLA Information Book Award.  The celebration will take place at the Free Word Centre in London tonight – watch out for announcements on the website and in the press. 

Also – let us know what you are doing in your schools for National Non Fiction Day tomorrow – you could send us a quick comment on the blog here!

The aim of National Non-Fiction Day is to dispel the myth that non-fiction belongs solely to the confines of the classroom. Non-fiction can inspire as well as educate, deliver humour along with hard facts, and some of the tales it can tell rivals the best fiction for excitement and intrigue. National Non-Fiction Day is an opportunity to inspire teachers and librarians, children and parents, to have fun whilst learning about the world we live in. The theme this year is all about sharing information. FCBG research in 2010 found over 80% of those asked stated they got their non-fiction from their school library with a large majority of librarians stating how important non- fiction was at break and lunchtimes where students would flock to areas to pour over facts, sharing the enjoyment in small groups.

The day itself will be covered by a number of YA (Young Adult) bloggers who will be filling their pages with information all about Non-Fiction. In the lead up to the day FCBG have also been involved in a number of research projects into young people’s attitudes towards non-fiction and how non-fiction is used and viewed by school librarians. The results of these will be published shortly. A number of e-services have also been set up utilising social networks including Twitter (@nnfd11, #nnfd11 and #twitfact ) and Facebook  (National Non-Fiction Day) which will promote the day and keep you up-to-date.  For further information about National Non-Fiction Day, please contact Adam Lancaster, National Non-Fiction Day Founder.  Email: aln@monkswalk.herts.sch.uk

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