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Learning With Libraries SLA Discussion

Learn Lib PicYou are invited to contribute to the SLA Discussion Forum to explore how libraries can be used in your lessons and wider learning, as well as how to make your school library fit for the 21st century.

UKEdChat has posted a list of questions to go with this discussion.

1. Does your school have a school library? If so, can you describe it and what features it has? Is it valued in your school?
2. How is your school library used by pupils independently outside of class?
3. Give details about how your library is administered. By pupils or a member of staff? Is there a digital book loan system?
4. Which types of school library books do you use in your classroom, and how are they used?
5. Are libraries still relevant in the digital age?
6. How do you use your school library with your class? What are your favourite activities?
7. What features would you like to see in your school library in the future?
8. How can school use public libraries to improve learning?

Join the SLA discussion at https://www.sla.org.uk/dfm_view-thread.php?t=870

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