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New European Foundation for School Librarianship

In March 2003 the European Network for School Libraries and Information Literacy (ENSIL) was founded in Amsterdam by twelve people from eight different European countries, including Kathy Lemaire, Chief Executive of the School Library Association.  These people represented various national associations for teachers and librarians, and also a number of Ministries of Education.  Currently the network has almost 80 members from 21 European countries.

ENSIL is the only specifically European organisation in the field of School Librarianship and has proven to be a vital entity for collaboration, professionalization and dissemination of information and knowledge in this field.

Recently, in order to be able to continue the important work which ENSIL is doing, and make it more effective, a decision was made to formalise ENSIL into a foundation.  This foundation, which is based in the Netherlands, has now been legally formalised and will be known as the ENSIL Foundation (Stichting ENSIL) .

The new ENSIL Foundation (Stichting ENSIL) has made the following statement about its goals:

"Based on international research which shows that the quality of students' learning outcomes is greatly enhanced by effective school libraries, ENSIL promotes the basic principle that all pupils in schools in each country of Europe are entitled to quality school libraries/media centres and services, run by professional and accredited school librarians/ information specialists."

The Foundation will try to achieve this goal by:

  • Supporting and promoting research about school librarianship, especially in Europe
  • The dissemination of information about school libraries and the work carried out by professional school librarians
  • Advocacy of school libraries/media centres and the profession of school librarianship
  • Communication among professionals in the field of school librarianship
  • Promoting the professional development of school librarians/information specialists.

    More information about the ENSIL Foundation (Stichting ENSIL) can be found on the website.
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