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New SLA title: Riveting Reads 6 - 8

cover of RR 6 - 8We are delighted to announce the publication of the latest title in our Riveting Reads series of booklists.  Riveting Reads 6 - 8 is intended to provide a range of suggested reading for this age group, who are perhaps at the most exciting stage in their reading lives.  Those who are bored or discouraged by the books that are available to them can often become reluctant to read.

The books in this collection have been selected principally to provide enjoyment and a rich and varied choice.  Arranged under heading such as Tales from many traditions, Poetry, Picture books stories and Old favourites revisited, there is full bibliographic detail given for each title.  Title index and Author/Illustrator index are also provided.

Prue Goodwin, former member of the SLA Executive Committee and author of this Riveting Reads title, works in the Institute of Education at the University of Reading, and freelances as a lecturer and consultant. She regularly returns to the classroom to introduce children to a range of literature and to encourage wide, enthusiastic reading.

ISBN 978 1 903446 35 5  .  December 2006

£7.50 (SLA members £6.00)    Buy now

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