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Qfiles Logo HiresGuest post from Q-files

Q-files.com, the online library of knowledge, is a comprehensive and authoritative website specifically designed for use by students in both primary and secondary schools.

Currently consisting of some 1800 pages covering science, technology, history, geography, culture and much else, Q-files is the digital equivalent of an up-to-the-minute school reference library. It fully embraces—and goes well beyond—the curriculum for Key Stages 1, 2 and 3.

Q-files has been produced by long-established children's reference book publishers, Orpheus Books Ltd. The entire site has, according to publishing practice, been carefully vetted by academic experts. The team are constantly improving, adding to and updating it.

Brimming with facts, images, diagrams and videos, Q-files provides wide-ranging, in-depth, easily navigable and visually appealing content in a student-friendly (and teacher-friendly) format.

Please find out more about Q-files by visiting our site which contains a video guide presented by Guernsey SLS Librarian Elizabeth Hutchinson, more information about the Q-files team, a complete list of pages, tips on how Q-files can be used in schools and news and reviews. 

We are currently offering all SLA members a FREE TRIAL to Q-files, valid until 31st July 2019. The site will available to library staff, teachers and students both in school and at home for the duration of the trial.

The log in details will be included in the members newsletter, or please feel free to contact us by phone or email to request it.


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