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Requests for Foreign Language Assistants 2012-2013

The British Council is delighted to be offering this excellent opportunity for schools to host Foreign Language Assistants from 18 countries worldwide who support whole school cross-curricular activity and international learning.

Did you know that schools with no Local Authority advisor, independent schools and academies can apply online directly?

Did you know that the cost of a Foreign Language Assistant can be shared by up to three schools?

Did you know that the final application deadline is April 13th and the application process is a simple online form?

If you want to know why your school needs a Foreign Language Assistant, watch this short video

Information and guidelines on our website

If you would like to get in touch with us to find out more we would be delighted to hear from you!

Here’s the team:

For FLAs from France, Belgium and Canada, you can speak to Jessica Tan (Jessica.tan@britishcouncil.org / 020 7389 4456)

For FLAs from Spain and Latin America, contact Susannah Wallace (Susannah.wallace@britishcouncil.org / 0161 957 7370)

For FLAs from Germany, Austria and Switzerland call or email Harriet Brown (Harriet.brown@britishcouncil.org / 020 7389 4228)

And FLAs from China, Japan, Russia and Oman get in touch with Emily Low (Emily.low@britishcouncil.org / 020 7389 4215)

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