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Social Media Use Research- Help requested

The aim is to investigate young people's use of social media, specifically for information-seeking activities. There are two reasons why they've (MMU) chosen to focus on this 1) much of the existing research focuses on social media as a communication tool and doesn't consider it's potential use for information-seeking and 2) in many schools/colleges social media isn't really considered as an appropriate educational/information resource although students are likely to make use of it.

Anyone who is able to help with this research can find a copy of the survey to distribute to their students here: http://goo.gl/69ZBOf. It should take students 5-10 minutes to complete.

They're running the survey across a number of countries to get an international perspective and plan to write up the findings as an article and also produce a short summary of the key findings which we'll make available online.  Any queries email Sarah McNicol

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