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Taking Liberties

This has been a hectic week but one of the highlights was attending the opening of the Taking Liberties exhibition at the British Library.  The BL is a wonderful venue for exhibitions, and this is a striking example of the wealth of resource available from them.  This exhibition is an exploration of some of the documents and artefacts that tell the story of the 900 year struggle for the rights and freedoms that we in Britain tend to take for granted - the right to free speech, a free press, the rule of law and the power to vote.  The idea of the exhibition is to make you think about the nature of rights and responsibilities in society and to place you in the best place to start making critical decisions about what sort of society you would want to live in.  The BL has tied the exhibition into the secondary curriculum, and has digitised many of the resources in the exhibition on an interactive web site - well worth investigating at www.bl.uk/takingliberties

The exhibition runs from 31st October to 1st March 2009 - do go if you get chance, and take a group from school - I'm sure they will gain a great deal from it.  There are workshops and other events available throughout the exhibition.

Tricia Adams

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