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Truth, Lies and the Internet

There has been some interesting discussion on the latest DEMOS report ‘Truth, Lies and the Internet’ by Jamie Bartlett.  If you haven’t had chance to read it may I suggest you have a look – but be warned the contribution of school librarians to the whole question of digital literacy is ignored in the original report.  DEMOS have responded quickly to the various criticisms from many school librarians – and have now asked for comment showing the range and vitality of the work being undertaken in schools. 

Carl Miller at DEMOS has said “So to move forward, then, I'd like to invite the librarians to have their say now:

1. What are the things you're currently doing to help young people develop the skills to critically and sceptically engage with info online? Is this set up into overarching programmes of study, or are you doing this on an ad hoc basis?

2. Are the things you're currently doing sufficient, in your view?

3. If not, what are the things you need to better promote digital fluency in schools?   Looking forward to your POV on this.” 

So please take this opportunity and tell Carl what is happening in your school - carl.miller@demos.co.uk

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