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Wanted - school libraries to visit

Joyce, a researcher in the US will be visiting the UK soon would like to make contact with School Librarians in the UK. If you could offer her a visit to your school, do pass on your email address to us and we will forward. This is what she says:

I am middle school librarian in the US and am anticipating a research fellowship in the UK this summer.  I am going to an edTech conference in London and then looking at creative engagement and innovative technologies in museums, libraries, and heritage sites.

Most of my itinerary will be around the conference as well as museum and heritage but I also am in search of a great school library and / or interview about the state of school libraries in the UK. I will be spending most of my time in London and England, but will be finishing up my fellowship in Scotland, and then to Ireland.  It would be great to have a clear snapshot of the state of school libraries in the UK before I finish up my time there. 


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