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What’s your Summer Reading Challenge story?

The Reading Agency are looking for success stories from people who took part in the Challenge in one of the years since it started 20 years ago.

They'd ideally like stories that showcase:

  • Someone who faced a particular difficulty prior to starting the Challenge (e.g.: they were an unconfident or reluctant reader, experienced dyslexia).

  • The Challenge helped them in some way.

  • The Challenge had a lasting positive impact.

They'd also love to hear from Summer Reading Challenge volunteers past or present.

These stories may be used on The Reading Agency website and social media channels. They could also be used at a later stage for case studies and media outreach (with permission, and we will provide details). 

You can email any stories to Sadaf.rasheed[at]readingagency.org.uk


along with the person's name, age and location.Please be sure to seek the person’s permission before doing this.

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