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Wrd - new magazine

WRDWRd is a quarterly magazine for 8-13 year olds who are keen on reading for pleasure, whether they are regular school library users, or perhaps part of a school-hosted book club.

Published by school supplier Peters Books & Furniture, and formerly known as tBk Mag, a recent rebrand to WRd has heralded a bright, fun and contemporary make-over of the magazine, bringing it fully up-to-date with a discerning readership, whilst retaining all of the best bits they have come to know and love; relevant and interesting extracts to encourage readers to pick up and read the whole book, review pages that motivate students to write their own reviews and send them in, and plenty of other features to keep readers engaged and primed to read more. In addition, there are new sections, features and activities, adding even more value and appeal. The newly rebranded magazine has proved highly popular in school libraries across the country, and not just with keen readers, but struggling and reluctant readers too.

To celebrate the launch of the rejuvenated magazine, Peters are offering a variety of special offers to new, lapsed or existing subscribers which include discounted subscription rates, branded stickers, vinyl wall graphics and floor mats. To find out more, simply email wrdmagazine@peters-books.co.uk or call Peters on 0121 666 6646 and ask for Joyce-Elayne Whitmore.

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