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Boys into Books 11-14

Boys into Books 11-14 is a title in our Riveting Reads series which was specially commissioned in 2007 by the Department for Education and Skills (DfES), then responsible for schools in England, to support the reading needs of boys in Key Stage 3. The Boys into Books project aims to provide information about titles which might attract and enthuse boys of 11-14 about reading for pleasure, and was funded by the DfES.

The booklist is available exclusively online here on the SLA website as a searchable database (temporarily unavailable) and also as a downloadable PDF version. From mid May until mid September 2007, state schools in England having at least 20 boys of this age group were able to order 20 titles from the list, which were delivered, ready jacketed, free of charge, and also two sets of three Boys into Books posters and 450 postcards.

Registration and ordering for the 20 free books has now closed. The online edition remains available for anyone to use.

The micro-website supporting the Boys into Books project is temporarily unavailable while we transfer our website to a new server. The downloadable PDF of the publication is available below.

Boys Into Books 11-14

PDF file, 750 kB

Requires Adobe Reader