The SLA works on an ongoing basis to ensure school libraries are included in educational discussions, and recognised as part of the educational landscape. We know that school libraries can contribute to finding solutions for some of the most important issues facing education today - well-being of pupils and staff, literacy levels, the vocabulary gap, and cultural capital to name a few. 

At certain times, we undertake a campaign to highlight something, this page is where they will be listed. Our focus at the moment is on the Great School Libraries campaign.  

Libraries Week Logo
Libraries Week Logo

Libraries Week 2019 

We are pleased to be taking part in Libraries Week 2019 (7-12th October) - we have announcements, reveals and competitions planned, so check back or read your SLA newsletter for more information. 

Libraries Week 2019 has a theme of digital - is there a way you can celebrate or build in a digital component across this week? 

You can learn more about Libraries Week 2019 here:

SLA Campaign for Digital Libraries Week

This Libraries Week the SLA is launching our campaign asking schools to make sure their school library is mentioned on their website. In primaries this may simply be the name of the person in charge and some photos, whereas for a secondary school you may want to include more information such as opening times, clubs that happen, and even link it to the library management system.

 Some schools have got rid of all their information books, or even their libraries, despite the proven impact that school libraries have on pupils and achievement. If your school is proud of their library let’s make sure parents can see that you offer this important provision. Screenshot your school library website page and share it using #proudlibraryprovision and tag in @uksla – this campaign will run until July 2020.

UK Parliament Week

The SLA are proud to be official partners of UK Parliament Week (2-8th November). 

We will be providing resources, ideas and activities to help you make the most of UK Parliament Week, and get all pupils involved with democracy, and realising their role in it. You can find out more about UK Parliament Week here:

Here are the SLA resources for Parliament Week. You can find lots more resources here: and further support at

UK Parliament Logo
UK Parliament Logo

The SLA is also supporting Egmont in their campaign to have a story time in every school. 

In Egmont’s ‘Stories and Choices’ study at a primary school in Stoke on Trent, children were read to, just for fun, most days over one term. Their enjoyment and motivation to read themselves increased significantly and their reading attainment improved at more than twice the expected rate. Daily story time is an easy and low cost solution to the crisis in reading. We’re calling on the Government to make story time statutory, to change the curriculum to make space for reading aloud, so that all children up to the age of 11 hear a story every day, just for fun. Find out more here:

200 Million Minutes 

Achievement for All are trying to capture 200 million minutes of reading in just one month! Starting from World Book Day, they'er encouraging schools, libraries, businesses and families to read as much as possible to try and achieve this challenging total. You can sign up and find out more here: