Certificate of CPD Engagement

Certificate of CPD Engagement

What is it?

The Certificate of CPD Engagement gives you a chance to demonstrate the CPD that you undertake, and how that relates to your school library.  You can download the guidance, which includes areas of skills and expertise for school library staff. You can be in any role, and working full or part time in the school library, or even volunteering; as long as your CPD is to do with school libraries you can take part. 

  • How does it work?

Once you’ve purchased the log it will be emailed to you. You can then fill out the log with the details of your CPD and then email it back to the SLA. We’ll then post your certificate to you along with some suggestions of other CPD you may find useful. 

  • How much CPD do I have to do?

The log is completed after 10 hours of CPD (reading, online conversations, training and networking all count), but the make-up of the training is up to you. The log will help you show how it relates to your library and what (if any) impact the training had. 

  • I’m not sure where to start, what do I do?

Don’t worry. There are some areas of school library expertise listed in the guidance (link above), so choose one of these to get you started. Alternatively, if you have a school library development plan you can use one of these objectives as a starting point. On the log there are some examples of CPD, and it is fairly self-explanatory, but don’t forget if you’re worried you can always call us. 

  • Are there any compulsory elements of CPD?

No. You are the best judge of what you and your library needs, so there are no compulsory elements. All we ask is that you fill out the CPD log completely, but you can be honest. Sometimes training gets you thinking but you can’t make a practical change – this doesn’t matter. And of course if you need support or ideas we are here to help.

  • Why should I do this?

Logging your CPD helps you to recognise how much you do. This may be useful information for your annual report, your line manager, your school inspectorate, or just for your own satisfaction. You will receive a dated certificate for your portfolio, or to display in your office. 

  • How much does it cost?

Because we are looking at each log individually and giving individualised feedback there is a one off cost per user. This is £15 for SLA members, and £20 for non-members.  

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