Partner Membership

This year saw the SLA launch a new chance for our commercial partners to become official members of the SLA for the first time. This is a way for us to recognise the vitally important role that our partners have, and to spread best practice and help you achieve the things you want. 

The partner membership offers value for companies, and special benefits chosen with companies in mind (see below). The table below shows the benefits and the costs. The cost is £190 per year, but we reserve the right to return your application if we feel it’s not a good fit to school libraries. We feel that this represents great value for money, however, this is a trial period, so if you have any feedback or ideas just get in touch with 

Alison Tarrant (CEO).

View an online sample copy of The School Librarian, to see what you're missing out on! 

Commercial Partnerships

The cost is £190 per year, representing a significant saving for companies. 

  • Commercial
    • Journal (quarterly)
    • Member review
    • Three Publications
    • Listed on Partner Members page of the website
    • Discount off exhibiting
    • Total
    •  Perceived benefit to company
    • Journal (quarterly)Being aware of themes and best practice
    • Member reviewPeer recommendations carry weight
    • Three PublicationsUse as prizes, give aways etc.
    • Listed on Partner Members page of the websiteInforms people you support school libraries
    • Discount off exhibitingAppearing at weekend course, relationship building
    • Total
    •  Cost outside of membership
    • Journal (quarterly)£115
    • Member review£30
    • Three Publications£27
    • Listed on Partner Members page of the website£150 at least for advertising (if it was allowed on website)
    • Discount off exhibiting£50
    • Total£372


Sponsorship opportunities

There are a range of sponsorship opportunities that cover our training events, awards, and weekend course. We are also looking for sponsorship for a few special projects. Please get in touch with Alison Tarrant in order to discuss any forthcoming openings.


Companies relevant to school libraries are welcome to advertise in our journal – The School Librarian. This is managed through Space Marketing. There is no advertising on the SLA website, although there are limited digital rewards linked to advertising in The School Librarian. Please contact Sharon Maslen for more information (Tel: 01892 677742 Email: 

We also offer a limited number of opportunities for giveaways in our newsletter, Info@ which is also quarterly. Please contact Alison Tarrant to discuss these opportunities. The 2019 deadlines for these are at the beginning of August and the beginning of November. 

Feedback from a publicist: "We are having an amazing response to our latest SLA newsletter offer for the xxx poster – huge thanks for giving us this opportunity!"

View an online sample copy of The School Librarian, to see what you could get involved in.

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