Course | Building a whole school reading culture

Building a whole school reading culture

The benefits of reading for pleasure have been well known to many teachers, librarians and parents for decades. This online course will help you build and evidence a whole school reading culture for your school and the wider community.

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The benefits of reading for pleasure have been well known to many teachers, librarians and parents for decades, yet somehow there has been an assumption that once a child has been taught to read in school the rest will take care of itself. More worryingly, time for simply reading for pleasure rather than for information, has gradually disappeared from the curriculum: almost totally in secondary schools and much decreased in primary schools. What does reading for pleasure actually mean?

ACTION: Watch this simple video which sums this all up!

To clarify:

• Reading for pleasure: reading primarily for enjoyment, including fiction and non-fiction of many different genres. These include, amongst many others, novels, poetry and magazines as well as children’s books, picture books and audiobooks.

• Reading for empowerment and information: reading primarily for information, instruction or self-development, for example a text book, information handout or noticeboard.

    This course is suitable for all stage schools.

    The course is delivered to you in modules which follow a logical progression but you can complete them in any order you choose, tailoring for your own circumstances. You do not have to complete the whole course in one go as you may want to try out ideas into action before progressing. Background information, practical suggestions and links are provided. Exercises are set for you to carry out which will increase your knowledge and confidence. These will not be marked but further advice can always be sought from the SLA team. On completion of the course you will gain a certificate which can be used as evidence of continuing professional development (CPD).

    The modules consist of:

    Module 1: The Evidence: Why is Reading for Pleasure Important?

    Module 2: Policy and Planning

    Module 3: The Audit

    Module 4: Getting Everyone on Board

    Module 5: Going it Alone

    Module 6: Outreach