Course | Line Managing a School Library

Line Managing a School Library

A course for those teachers or other school staff who line manage the school library staff.

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During this course you will be given a brief overview of the school libraries sector which will enable you to develop the school library and maximise its impact. The aim of the course is not to give you all the details of the school libraries sector, but to build a level of understanding so that you can point the library staff in the right direction. 

This course is suitable for all stage schools.

The course is designed to take 30 minutes to 90 minutes, and can be thought of as a 'crash course' into school libraries - giving you just enough knowledge to enable you to line manage the school library effectively, and start conversations. You are able to complete in stages after discussions with other staff. Library staff may then undergo their own training. 

 There are three main modules: 

  1. Expectations – Impact of school libraries; School library standards and guidelines; school library career framework
  2. Evaluation – Library paperwork
  3. Support – Training, Supportive organisations, Barriers to impact, Glossary, Further reading