COVID Community Project


Furloughed staff have also had a difficult time; being unable to play a role in their school communities at a time when they know they are needed is causing many people distress.  They, like all school library staff, have skills and knowledge and some will want a way to contribute, some have mentioned lacking a 'sense of purpose'.

We are launching the 'COVID Community Project'; a scheme to give these school library staff a chance to support their colleagues, by developing a project or resource which will be shared freely with other SLA members.

Furloughed workers who want to participate can get in touch with us at, share their area of expertise and then suggest or be assigned a project. (We fully understand that many will not be able to or want to participate; this is a complicated time for everyone.)

The COVID Community Project will be led by Stephen King (a furloughed worker himself) and he will be liaising with you. So whatever your area of passion - a lesson plan for looking at the Holocaust, a how to video for using Sway, a book list of books that contain maps, best books to read aloud to year 5 - if it works in your school library someone else will appreciate it! 
This is where you can access those resources.