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Welcome to the School Library Association

The School Library Association is committed to supporting everyone involved with school libraries, promoting high quality reading and learning opportunities for all.

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Introduction to the SLA in Albanian

Shoqata e Biblotekes Shkollore e ka qendren ne Angli, por ajo ka shume anetare ne gjith Europen si dhe ne pjese te tjera te botes. Cdo njeri qe angazhohet ne zhvillimin e biblotekave shkollore eshte i mirepritur te vije. Te gjitha materialet tona jane ne Anglisht.

Ne u sigurojme anetareve tane konsulence, kurse trajnimi dhe botime, si dhe botojme materiale permbledhse, Librarija Shkollore. Ne kemi dege vendore dhe rajonale ne Angli dhe Wales, si dhe Dege Kombetare ne Skoci, Irlanden e Veriut dhe ne Republiken e Irlandes. Kemi fushate per zhvillimin e biblotekave shkollore dhe ne emer te librarive shkollore. Ne vitin 2004 krijuam SLA Bibloteken Shkollore per Cmimin e Vitit per te rritur njohurite mbi nivelin e praktikes se mire qe ekziston ne biblotekat shkollore. Gjithashtu nxisim biblotekat shkollore duke festuar Diten Nderkombetare te Biblotekes Shkollore te Henen e pare te Tetorit.

Qellimi i misionit tone eshte:

  • Besojme se cdo nxenes e di dobine e biblotekes shkollore. SLA mbeshtet cdo njeri te perfshire ne bibliotekat shkollore, duke u dhene te gjithve mundesine pe nje lexim dhe mesim te larte.

Eshte kenaqesi t'ju pergjigjemi pyetesorve ne gjuhen angleze mbi bibliotekat shkollore ne Angli.

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Short introductions to the SLA are available in:
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Great School Libraries campaign

GSL Logo

School libraries aren't statutory, and in the UK no one knows how many there are, or if they are staffed or funded. The Great School Libraries campaign is a three-year campaign which aims to change this – collecting data about school libraries as well as working towards securing school library funding; producing a national framework for school libraries and recognition of school libraries within Ofsted. 

It is about ensuring that all children receive the benefits a school library can provide. To watch a video about the impact of a school library click here.

For more information about the campaign, or to sign up as a supporter, visit: http://greatschoollibraries.edublogs.org/

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