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Library Display Competition

The SLA Library Display Competition is sponsored by Softlink.

Join in the fun and submit photos of your library displays for the chance to win a £50 gift voucher for your library! Running from June 2018 to June 2020 - with a prize draw every three months - there are multiple chances to win. You can enter every three month draw and schools are eligible to win more than once (although not for the same entry - please see the additional information on the Softlink website).  

Displays will be judged by representatives from SLA and Softlink. 

To enter, email photographs of your school library displays to info[at]sla.org.uk with 'Displays Competition' in the subject line. 

You can also share your images on Twitter using the hashtag #schlibrarydisplays 

As well as the chance to win this is great opportunity to promote your creativity and library awesomeness and for the UK School Library community to share and inspire each other. Softlink ran a global Library Display Competition in 2017 - see some of the amazing entries and be inspired on this entries PDF or Photos library

Follow [at]uksla and [at]SoftlinkEdu for updates and to see entries.

For all additional information, including closing dates, please see: https://www.softlinkint.com/lp/sla-and-softlink-invite-you-to-enter-the-school-library-display-competition 

April To June

The SLA's library display competition is now open again and will close on 30 June 2019  – so try out a new display in your library and send a picture to info[at]sla.org.uk for your chance to win a £50 gift voucher.

Thank you to Softlink who sponsor this competition!

January to March

Winner - Rushey Mead AcademyWinner - Rushey Mead Academy (2)Runner up - The Carlton Academy

The winner of last quarter's library display competition was Bridget Hamlet, Librarian and Learning Resources Development Manager at Rushey Mead Academy, Leicester.


The runner-up was Lucy Georgeson, Learning Resource Centre Manager at The Carlton Academy, Nottingham.


It was a difficult decsion deciding a shortlist which had to be whittled down twice before the winners were chosen by Nikki Curtis of Softlink, who have donated a £50 gift voucher to the winner.




The winning display was in two parts - one in the Science corridor on the opposite side of the school to the library to target students who may not normally visit the library.  Each member of staff - teaching and support has their face hidden behind their chosen book and they have submitted a statement about why they love that book. The second part of the display is in the library where the books are available to borrow.  Students submit their entries, guessing the staff who are hidden, for their chance to win a free book.


The runner up was a display theme which was submitted by more than one school, but this one stood out as very vibrant.

Congratulations to them and our thanks to all who took part.

October to December

The winner of last quarter's library display competition was Sarah Mathieson, Librarian at St Columba's College, St Albans. The runner-up was Alex Self at Wycliffe College, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire. Congratulations to them and our thanks to all who took part.

In a strong competition, Dawn Woods at the SLA drew up a shortlist and the winners were chosen by Nikki Curtis of Softlink, who have donated a £50 gift voucher to the winner.

Winner St Columba

Winning Display



Runner-up Display

Runner Up Wycliffe

June to October

Winner: Kathryn Houghton from Bancroft's School in Essex. 

Runner Up: Emma Suffield, Saint Wilfrids Church of England Academy

Winning display: 

Outdoors 2018 2
Outdoors 2018 2
Outdoors 2018
Outdoors 2018

 Outdoors 2018 5


Runner Up: 

Diversity Display 1
Diversity Display 1