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Online Publications

21st Century School Libraries - Visionary Spaces for Learning

21st Century School Libraries

PDF file, 143 kB

Requires Adobe Reader

SLA Members Only

21st Century School Libraries – Visionary Spaces for Learning is a recently published book chapter by SLA director Tricia Adams. It discusses how in the 21st century "the school library is not a luxury but a necessity;  the bedrock, the head and heart of all learning, offering a place of both relaxation and stimulation in the school, and in the wider community."

This is a downloadable PDF preprint available exclusively to SLA members.

The definitive version of this piece may be found in Carolynn Rankin and Avril Brock, editors, Library Services for Children and Young People: Challenges and opportunities in the digital age (2012) Facet Publishing.

The complete book is available to purchase at Facet Publishing.

Example of a Self Evaluation Document

Helen Burton, Independent Learning and Library Coordinator at Bishop Challoner Catholic College, has kindly allowed us to feature her 2012 SEF as an example of what a good library offers in support of learning and teaching.

Complete Pack_External

Word document, 5 MB

Requires Microsoft Word 97 or later

Going Digital: Weblinks Supplement

Going Digital Supp SmallGoing Digital: Weblinks Supplement is a special supplement containing a comprehensive set of additional useful links to complement our publication Going Digital: Developing ICT in the Primary School Library by Sarah Pavey.

This extra supplement is available exclusively free-of-charge to SLA members as a PDF download.

The full Guideline of Going Digital is available to purchase from our Publications List.

Effective School Libraries

Effective School LibrariesA special offprint of the article "Effective School Libraries: Evidence of Impact on Student Achievement" by Lynn Barrett, from The School Librarian, Volume 58 Number 3 Autumn 2010.

The article presents research evidence on the effectiveness of school libraries and is a useful resource and advocacy tool for your library.

This special offprint is a free PDF download.

Rainforest High

Rainforest HighRainforest High is a unique downloadable resource for Year 6/7 library induction.

Written by Angela Dart and Robert Logan, librarians at Queen Elizabeth's Community College, Crediton, Devon, and wittily illustrated by Robert Logan, it offers an induction guide and lesson plan combined with a jungle-themed story for new pupils.

Rainforest High is distributed by the School Library Association under a Creative Commons licence and is available (exclusively to logged-in SLA members) as a free PDF download:

Rainforest High

PDF file, 3 MB

Requires Adobe Reader

SLA Members Only


A special offprint of the article "Graphicology" by Chris Brown from The School Librarian, Volume 57 Number 4 Winter 2009. It was written to help make the case for the value of graphic novels, addresses some of the concerns that librarians often have about introducing them, and offers guidance to those challenged to justify such expenditure. The offprint includes a roundup of web resources by Elspeth Scott.

This special offprint is a free PDF download.

Everyone's Reading 11-18

Everyone ReadingEveryone's Reading: 11 to 18
(Riveting Reads Plus)

by Eileen Armstrong
ISBN 9781903446508 · June 2009
£0.00 (SLA Members £0.00)

Everyone's Reading: 11 to 18 aims to provide information about titles which will attract and enthuse the whole range of pupils in secondary schools to read for pleasure. Around 260 titles are included, arranged by catchy one or two-word themes, which highlight genres and offer lots of display and promotional possibilities.

The introduction by Alec Williams provides lots of handy tips on getting everyone reading!

The full booklist is available free-of-charge from the SLA in a downloadable PDF version.

It is also available as an online database from an external website: http://www.everyonesreading.org.uk/

Pupil Librarian Toolkit

Pupil Librarian Toolkit
Compiled by Eileen Armstrong
ISBN 9781903446485 · October 2008
Free for download by SLA Members

The SLA's Pupil Librarian Toolkit is a 52pp downloadable guide in PDF format, available exclusively to SLA Members.

It offers ideas on selecting and recruiting pupil librarians, organizing induction and developing a training programme. It includes a wide range of sample documents such as posters, letters, checksheets and certificates that you can use and adapt as you implement your pupil librarian programme. It is suitable for primary and secondary schools.

Book Ahead 0-7

Book Ahead 0-7Riveting Reads: Book Ahead 0-7
by Julia Eccleshare
Introduction by Prue Goodwin

ISBN 9781903446430 · June 2008
£0.00 (SLA Members £0.00)

Book Ahead was an initiative by the Department of Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) in England, which aimed to get enjoyable books into the hands of young children in Early Years settings to develop enjoyment in reading at an early stage, and also to strengthen the links between those settings and their local public and Schools Library Services.

It was based on a booklist commissioned from the School Library Association, written by Julia Eccleshare, with contributions from other library organisations, and published in the SLA's Riveting Reads series, with an introduction by Prue Goodwin. The booklist was available free and each local authority in England was funded by the DCSF in 2008 to purchase books from the list to use with Early Years settings such as playgroups and nurseries in their area.

The whole book is now available from the SLA free-of-charge as a downloadable PDF file.

Boys into Books 5-11

Riveting Reads: Boys into Books 5-11Boys into Books 5-11
by Chris Brown
ISBN 9781903446454 · June 2008
£0.00 (SLA Members £0.00)

Boys into Books 5-11 was specially commissioned by the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF), responsible for schools in England, to support the reading needs of boys aged 5 to 11. The project allowed all local authorities in England to order a number of books from the list, free of charge, to be supplied by a library supplier of the authority's choice. Following the ordering period, the project was officially launched by Schools Minister Jim Knight in June 2008.

The full publication is available free-of-charge from the SLA as a downloadable PDF file.