Our Partners

Authors Aloud UK

Authors Aloud Uk streamline the whole process of booking a guest for your event by handling all the set up arrangements as well as providing you with detailed background information on your guest and guidelines on running a successful event. Our fee is included in the invoice sent to you after the visit to limit unnecessary paperwork.


In a matter of minutes our assessment can give teachers a unique insight into reading, which can help them provide the tailored support pupils require much earlier in their education. Requiring little administrative in put, its ongoing use makes it easy for schools to monitor  every pupil's progress in reading, narrow the attainment gap, and improve literacy levels across the board.


Peters is the UK's leading specialist supplier of children's books and furniture to schools, academies, public libraries and multi-academy trusts, and we're passionate about inspiring children and young people to read. 

We believe all young people should have access to great books, and inspiring spaces to enjoy them in. Reading for pleasure is one of the biggest indicators of pupils' overall wellbeing and attainment, but we know that every child and young person is different, so we can advise on everything from the latest fiction and non-fiction to phonics and reading schemes to suit your requirements.

PSP Asset Protection

We understand the unique problems librarians experience and we know how high your expectations are. We enjoy a challenge and, ensuring that we understand is the first step in finding a education that is fit-for-purpose. To us, every challenge is unique, as is every customer; so we tailor-make our services to suit you. Whether you need us to monitor the number of people who visit your library, or to prevent the loss of assets from your academic learning course, or to implement self-service facilities to accommodate unstaffed hours, we understand. The PSP team will use our extensive expertise to clarify your requirements and build a bespoke education.

Sheels Education

Our school Library service includes cataloguing the books to the Dewey classification and colour coordinating them with Topics. Thus, making the library accessible for children in KS1 and KS2. When we set up schools, we provide them with Sheels Dewey Classification Posters. These can be customised according to any school special requests for Topics to be highlighted.


At Softlink our focus is simple: providing innovative technology that helps school library staff and educators facilitate their students’ development and success. We’ve been helping schools for over 34 years and have customers in almost 70 countries.

Our mission is to equip both individual schools and districts with the most comprehensive and effective solutions to engage their students, improve literacy outcomes and promote student achievement.