Developing Digital Resources in the Primary School Library

Sarah Pavey


Developing, promoting and maintaining digital resources is an exciting challenge for the busy, multi-tasking Primary Library Co-ordinator (PLC). Learning to master these resources is important in primary school libraries for its essential life skills impact; as well as its role in raising the library's profile while promoting reading and effective information handling skills. This publication guides the reader on how best to utilise these resources in the primary school library to the best curriculum and financial effect – primary school libraries are required to have an ICT presence thanks to the new Curriculum. Some schools may have dispensed with a dedicated ICT suite due to the availability and convenience of mobile technology; this change may promote a role for the library as a central information and research centre for children and adults. Includes a 'Developing Digital Resources' checklist as an appendix to guide and assist; as well as excellent web links.  

2019. ISBN 978-1-911222-20-0

Developing Digital Resources in the Primary School Library: Weblinks Supplement is a special supplement containing a comprehensive set of additional useful links to complement this publication. This extra supplement is available exclusively free-of-charge to SLA members as a PDF download. Please go to the Member's Benefits page (under the Members tab when logged in) and scroll down to the downloads page.  

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Sarah Pavey
Sarah Pavey has worked as a school teacher librarian for over 15 years in the UK, both in independent and maintained schools. She holds degrees in Biochemistry and Information Science as well as a teaching qualification. She is the author of several SLA publications and co-author of The Innovative School Librarian. She is also an independent Library and Education Consultant and facilitates regular training events for the School Library Association, CILIP, Creative Education and Independent Thinking in both the primary and secondary sectors.

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