Beyond Beanbags: Designing Inspirational Secondary School Library Spaces

Geoff Dubber


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Secondary school libraries need to be flexible, inspirational and above all, fit for purpose. Library use is rapidly changing and building design, layout, furnishings and fittings must change too. Here is a completely new Guideline on the subject. Aspects to consider, pitfalls to avoid and ways to successfully manage the project are all included.

This publication aims to give you confidence and advice when you talk to SLT and school colleagues. We hope it will help you to create a vision for this crucial space that can be the heart of the school, a major selling point to parents and above all a pleasing space in which to study, relax and to work, for users and staff.

2016. ISBN 9781903446935.

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Geoff Dubber
Geoff Dubber is a freelance consultant/trainer who has worked widely in the UK and further afield to promote effective library use. He has 45+ years teaching, management, library and advisory/consultancy experience with schools, both secondary and primary. He is a former chair of the School Library Association, and was Publications Co-ordinator for two decades. He is author or co-author of many of the SLA’s Guidelines series, and occasionally writes and reviews for The School Librarian.

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