Chaos or Collection?: Selecting and Managing Graphic Novels in Your School Library

Neena Morris


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Graphic novels are some of the most exciting and varied resources that school librarians have on their shelves, and they are growing ever more popular with all kinds of readers. But knowing how to select, catalogue, classify and shelve them so your library users can find them can be challenging. Here Neena Morris, one of the librarians at Ardingly College in West Sussex, tells us what she does to maintain an exciting and eclectic collection that is easily identified, managed effectively, accessible to all and widely enjoyed by her students. Building on the research that she conducted for her Masters degree, this how-to guide is very readable and full of common sense suggestions – there are lessons here for all of us.

2018. ISBN 9781911222125.

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Neena Morris

Neena Morris is a qualified and chartered librarian who has worked in school libraries for four years. Prior to this, she worked in public libraries for half a decade. Alongside her public library employment, Neena worked in a variety

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