Cultivating Curiosity: Information and Digital Literacy Skills and the Primary School Library

Cultivating Curiosity: Information and Digital Literacy Skills and the Primary School Library

Geoff Dubber and Sarah Pavey


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"A vibrant library, confidently and frequently used to seek and use information will be remembered by children for the rest of their lives. It will cultivate curiosity and motivate children to lifelong learning."

Cultivating curiosity in children in primary schools is one of the most important things that we can do for them. Developing an enthusiasm for learning is at the very heart of human development and a central reason for teaching information and digital literacy, and is a crucial focus for school library work. This new edition includes information about the most recent primary curriculum, government initiatives and recent inspection changes in respect of the school library and digital media. It explains the importance of embedding information literacy into a whole school and curriculum context, making use of modern technology where appropriate. It outlines and explains the processes of research for young children and shows ways that teachers and librarians can develop and promote information and digital literacy through the primary school library and link it to classroom practice.

2018. ISBN 9781911222156.

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Geoff Dubber and Sarah Pavey

Sarah Pavey has worked as a school teacher librarian for over 15 years in the UK, both in independent and maintained schools. She holds degrees in Biochemistry and Information Science as well as a teaching qualification. She is the author of several SLA publications and co-author of The Innovative School Librarian. She is also an independent Library and Education Consultant and facilitates regular training events for the School Library Association, CILIP, Creative Education and Independent Thinking in both the primary and secondary sectors.

Geoff Dubber is a freelance consultant/trainer who has worked widely in the UK and further afield to promote effective library use. He has 45+ years teaching, management, library and advisory/consultancy experience with schools, both secondary and primary. He is a former chair of the School Library Association, and was Publications Co-ordinator for two decades. He is author or co-author of many of the SLA’s Guidelines series, and occasionally writes and reviews for The School Librarian.

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