Designs for All Reasons: Creating the Environment for the Primary School Library

Michael Dewe and Sally Duncan


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Library planning and design can be a demanding task and active preparation and involvement are crucial. This new edition of the Guideline originally written by Mike Dewe, an authority on library design, takes the reader clearly through the thinking and design process. It offers practical advice at all stages, and includes a list of useful publications and websites, along with a new case study of a time-critical library project. A vital and accessible guide to creating flexible and stimulating spaces for exciting learning, Designs for All Reasons is equally relevant to both a new build or a refurbished school library space.

2018. ISBN 9781911222149.

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Michael Dewe and Sally Duncan
Michael Dewe (1940–2008). Michael Dewe was a man of many interests: musician, choirmaster, author of a history of skiffle; he was also fascinated by architecture. His early career in public libraries, mainly in L

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