Loud and Clear: Advocacy for Secondary School Library Staff (Print Edition)

Barbara Band


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Advocacy is uppermost in the minds of most, if not everyone, who works in school libraries. This Guideline by Barbara Band, an experienced school librarian, trainer and former CILIP President takes an in-depth look at the subject. She covers the What? Why? Who? Where? and How? of this vital exercise in influencing everyone about the important role that school libraries have in supporting  learning across the curriculum, reading for enjoyment, information literacy and indeed wider literacy in all its forms. Use some of the ideas that Barbara outlines to strengthen your own situation in school and for the profession at large.

2016. ISBN 9781903446942.

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Barbara Band
Barbara Band is a Chartered Librarian, reading consultant and school libraries advisor with over twenty five years' experience delivering customer-focused services, supported with project management and promotional skills gained in non-profit and bus

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