New Beginnings: A Practical Guide to Taking Charge of a Secondary School Library

Laura Taylor


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Taking charge of a secondary school library should be a pleasure, but can be a challenge to those who are unprepared. Here, experienced practitioner, trainer and consultant, Laura Taylor, who has worked in school libraries here and abroad, takes us through the process of taking ownership of your new library and post. She holds your hand from the first day and first week. Full of excellent advice and common sense, Laura guides you skillfully past the pitfalls, tells both fresh beginners and new appointees the questions to ask, the strategies to adopt and the planning to do to bring success both to you and to your school library.

2018. ISBN 9781911222101.

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Laura Taylor
Laura Taylor has worked in schools and school library services throughout her 40-year career after a brief introduction to working with children and young people in public libraries as a children's librarian. Having graduated from the University of W

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