Priority Paperwork: Policy Making and Development Planning for Primary and Secondary School Libraries

Rachel Sargeant


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The creation, implementation and regular updating of a library policy and development plan allows a school to maximise the impact of its library and learning resource provision, and is an essential task for anyone concerned to develop the library as a whole-school resource and focus for learning. This Guideline gives you all the advice you need to do both jobs. It takes you carefully through the steps needed to produce a realistic and comprehensive policy and gives you the route to produce a credible and meaningful development plan. Six appendices give sample case studies, library policies and development plans from three primary schools and three secondary schools.

2018. ISBN 9781911222170.

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Rachel Sargeant
Rachel Sargeant has worked in school libraries for seven years, first at a grammar school then at a prep school. Previously she was an area manager with the London Borough of Bromley, managing a group of public libraries and the borough-wide mobile library service. Her early professional roles included children's librarian in the London Borough of Richmond and information librarian with Surrey Libraries. Rachel is also a crime fiction writer, published by HarperCollins Killer Reads and Endeavour Press.

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