Riveting Reads: Picture Books from 0 to 90

Marianne Bradnock


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This selection of some of the best picture books from the past eighty-five years sets out to dispel the myth that they are only suitable for the very youngest. Stories which are told via a subtle interaction of words and pictures make unique demands on the reader and often push the boundaries of storytelling in a way that is not found in any other form. Picture books lend themselves to endless re-readings, with new meaning to be found at different ages. The subject matter is wide ranging and can be challenging, from ABCs and bedtime stories to sophisticated examinations of intolerance, loneliness, loss and our treatment of the environment. Though the main appeal will be to those working with early years and primary aged children, the titles included here – mostly in print and readily available – have something to offer all ages, from babies and toddlers through to teenagers and beyond.

2015. ISBN 9781903446850.

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