We are incredibly proud of our strong links with the publishing industry, regardless of the size of the publisher. We work with publishers in a range of ways – getting books into the hands of library staff and pupils is an important part of what we do, and we aim to do this with as many and as inclusive range as possible. The annual Weekend Course, advertising in the journal, library staff days and our book reviews are the main ways we do this. Though our competitions, giveaways, promotions and sponsorship opportunities all provide ways to get your book noticed by members and non-members. These opportunities are all detailed below. 


Send your book for review in The School Librarian

This has approximately 40 pages of book reviews, and we post additional ones online. All the book reviews are now searchable by members including tags - giving them extra life as teachers and library staff create book lists. Send to 'The Reviews Editor, The School Library Association, 1 Pine Court, Swindon, Wiltshire SN2 8AD, UK'. 

Reviews are usually sent to publishers, though there will be a delay in doing this. (You can always buy the journal to see them straight away!).

Download the  Publishers Guidelines for TSL reviews

Competitions and giveaways

These could include a free author/illustrator visit, books, or even posters or bookmarks – send an outline to and we’ll get back to you with the best placement for it.

Our giveaways are usually very successful, with a high number of respondents. 

Feedback from a publicist who works for one of the main childrere for a poster giveaway: "We are having an amazing response to our latest SLA newsletter offer for the xxx poster – huge thanks for giving us this opportunity!"

Here's some more feedback from a freelance publicist:

     "We had just over 40 requests in total – far more than expected – so I made the decision to reprint the proofs to accommodate the requests. Schools have since been in touch and have hosted or are hosting Skype events with Sarah, securing a relationship which will be really beneficial to when her second book publishes.   She has been delighted by the engagement from the schools, their questions and their enthusiasm. We have also had a number of reviews from other groups, and some have added reviews to Sarah’s Amazon or Goodread pages which assists with the promotion of the book. 

YA books can be tricky but I feel like this campaign has worked really well on a grassroots level and Sarah is delighted with the response.  It’s not something I’ve done before and was a risk but I am really pleased.  Although it won’t necessarily result in massive book sales, I think the awareness of Sarah is definitely increased and will have a great knock on effect as Sarah’s star continues to rise."


Reach our members 

  • We run an informal monthly event called 'Meet the Creators' where we talk to 4 creators (authors/illustrators/designers) about their creations. It's free to attend for all SLA members, and the recording is accessible to all members after the event. For more information email
  • Do a members only giveaway - this could be in the physical newsletter that goes out once a quarter, the digital newsletter or on the website/social media. Send copy and ideal time frames to and we’ll get back to you with the best placement for it.

Our Information Book Award is in its 9th year

Nominations open in November every year and close early January. For more information about the IBA have a look at it's page in our Awards section: Information Book Award



Support our other Awards

They are important in telling positive stories about school libraries and get a lot of attention from both the publishing, library and educational community. There are plenty of ways to support the Awards, from Sponsorship to donating prizes, to helping us spread the word. 

Make sure you’re on our mailing list for information about the annual Weekend Course

We are always looking for speakers, authors, illustrators for a wide audience. To find out more about the Weekend Course have a look at our dedicated page. To join the mailing list please email


Meet the people who help make it happen

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