Reading Recommendations

Reading Recommendations


Recently purchases of books have shot up, and there are a wealth of books to choose from, but sometimes the amount of choice can be overwhelming. 

Reviewing books for children and teenagers is a core part of our journal, The School Librarian, and each edition we save about 60 pages for reviews of these items, to help school library staff and teachers keep up to date with new publishing, and allow them to maximise their budget. 

Now, our brilliant team will take requests and recommend reading resources for the children you know, whether they're reading keen beans, non-readers or somewhere in the middle, we'll suggest ways to get them started on their reading journey. 

For more information about the impact that reading for pleasure can have take a look at our Impact page

If you want to encourage your readers (whether that's pupils, your children or your staff!) to read more widely, you can use this Reading Bingo card.

For more general guidance on current children's literature CILIP are running the National Shelf Service on YouTube which is also worth a look. 

Ask us for reading recommendations; whether its for your class or an individual, we'll get back to you with a few perfect titles.

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