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Regional Course Details

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Mental Health, Wellbeing and Reading

Course Details:

The battle against poor mental health is a tough one. But when we work with small communities like schools, youth groups, sports teams etc. we know we have the potential to make some real change. In this training for school librarians we’ll show you how to create a culture that’s conducive to good mental health, as well as looking at the challenges facing young people today and solutions that you can employ, in the space you inhabit in school, to help pupils struggling in these areas. Literature, escapism and safe spaces are all imperative to good mental health so honing the skill level of the staff in these spaces is a great way to bolster wellbeing in your school.

Issues covered will include –

  • Anxiety
  • Body image
  • Exam and academic stress
  • Mental health
  • Self-esteem

This will happen by the speaker delivering a first hand testimonial about her experiences, before applying her knowledge of these universal topics to the specific queries of the delegates in the training session.  She will tackle issues such as how we form our opinions of ourselves, realistic experiences of young people and alternative ways to express difficult emotions.

Trainer: Marie (Maz) Udall

Marie delivers Self Esteem Team’s core classes and their primary programme.  Having earned her stripes as a supply teacher she is now in demand for her classes for adults as well as popping into schools around the UK which has given her the expertise to read any classroom.  As a fireball of energy (who is very much connected to her inner child), she is a magnet when it comes to young people wanting to learn from her. Not only is she animated and friendly, she is also incredibly skilled. Oh! And did we mention she holds a world title in Taekwondo?

Key Audience:

KS2 and secondary school staff

Venues and Dates:

  • Date TBC, 09:15-15:30: Cramlington Learning Village, Cramlington, Northumberland NE23 6BN [Map]
    We are sorry to inform you that this course has been postponed until the Autumn term. The course details will be updated with the new date as soon as it has been finalised. We apologise for any inconvenience or disappointment caused.
  • 28 June 2018, 09:15-15:30: Peters Ltd, 120 Bromsgrove Street, Birmingham B5 6RJ [Map]
    We are teaming up with Peters Ltd for this event and, as a result, the reduced (SLA member) attendance fee will be applied to bookings received from their customers. Special attendance fee applies for delegates who are non-members of the SLA but work in schools which subscribe to Worcestershire SLS.