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The E-Reading Revolution

Course Details:

Ebooks are becoming very popular and lots of school staff are excited about the possibilities but there are so many decisions to be carefully made before using them in an educational environment - which ereaders to invest in, will you be operating a ‘bring your own device’ scheme, who will benefit most from using them and what are the practicalities?  Would you be better to buy books individually or buy into one of the new ebook platforms?  There are several platforms that are designed to be used in schools but what are the pluses and minuses of each one?  The library is of course the most natural environment in which to introduce this exciting way of reading but it's not a 'one size fits all' situation and what suits one group of students may not be engaging for another.  How can you use ebooks to enthuse struggling readers, make the reading experience easier for Dyslexic students and will libraries all be digital in the future?

Tablets are also causing quite a stir, with Apple devices seeming the most popular but finding app gems amongst the whole mess of the app store is indeed like digging for buried treasure - without a map!  There are some quite wonderful interactive book apps and storytelling apps available that will suit all abilities and interests but finding value for money, effective ones is very difficult and time consuming.  It is of course essential to be able to demonstrate that you are using these expensive purchases to their full capacity and to most benefit learning and teaching in your school.  Your technicians may well be ill at ease about tablets, but there are ways to control the access students have to app buying etc. on them that will hopefully alleviate their concerns.

This course will discuss the pluses and minuses of several devices, inform you about how to set them up for school use and give some possible uses for learning and teaching as well as showcasing apps that you can use to encourage young people to read for pleasure and information.  At the end of the day you will be better equipped to make informed choices about entering the digital reading world in your library.

Trainer: Bev Humphrey

Bev Humphrey is now a Literacy and Technology Consultant after spending 10 years as a school librarian.  She worked in an all boys secondary school in South East London and during this time developed a passion for encouraging her students to read and write for pleasure, often using online media to do so.  She was given a Reading Hero Award by the Literacy Trust at the end of the National Year of Reading for her work during this year and her international collaborative writing project, the Write Path was shortlisted for a Times Educational Supplement New Literacy Initiative Award in 2009 and has twice been shortlisted for a Lemos and Crane Literacy Award.  Bev also worked with the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust as a Lead Practitioner for literacy.  As a consultant Bev has presented at seminars and conferences all over the country for E2BN, Renaissance Learning, CILIP, SLG and SLA amongst others.  A self-confessed geek, Bev lives much of her life online and loves using exciting new technology as a motivator for young people’s learning.  She is a member of the SLA Board, SLA Website Content Manager and Editor, SLA Digital.  Bev is at her happiest when enlightening colleagues in education about the possibilities of literacy presented by new technologies for enthusing young people about reading and writing for pleasure or when she is working with school librarians who are of course her favourite people!

Feedback from Course:

'Bev Humphrey was brilliant and I found the whole day stimulating and informative.'

Rachel Hickson, Librarian, James Allen's Preparatory School (Middle School)

Key Audience:

primary and secondary library staff

Venues and Dates:

No venues/dates are currently scheduled for this course. For more information about possible future dates, please contact the SLA Office.