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Reading for Pleasure: edgy, cool, or just boring? Make it infectious and survive

Course Details:

In the current context of changes in assessment in primary, secondary and sixth form education, it is abundantly clear to all those who teach that being able to read broadly and in depth is essential.  Set alongside the demands of employers and comparisons with other countries, schools, teachers and pupils are under a microscopic lens where higher and more effective levels of reading are not only demanded, but have taken on a significance and importance greater than ever before.  

How can you make a difference? The Learning Resource Centre is the nucleus from which you can spearhead programmes that excite young people and switch them on to reading for pleasure, thus expanding and deepening their capacity for reading and learning.

What does your Learning Resource Centre do already to promote Reading for Pleasure?  How could it make reading infectious in your school/college?  This is an opportunity to review and share existing Reading for Pleasure programmes and find out about some successful new ones.  It’s a day when you can work with supportive, like-minded, committed professionals to modify your programmes to make them reach out and become a compulsive part of pupils’ lives, psychologically motivating students to want to read. 

How will you manage & survive? Based on delegates’ local contexts, this course will consider how to successfully prioritise and effectively manage Reading for Pleasure activities. It will help you consider maximising support for the activities you choose so that you, and those who work alongside you, will not only survive, but will celebrate and enjoy the impact that Reading for Pleasure is having in your school and on the life chances of pupils.


What will be covered

  • why reading for pleasure is essential to pupils’ academic success

  • a review of current activities in your school

  • adapting current reading activities to improve their appeal

  • new/additional ideas that promote exciting reading

  • maximising support

  • time management



  • discover why you are one of the most important people in your school

  • evaluate your current Reading for Pleasure activities in a supportive environment

  • adapt current reading activities to gain greater purchase with your students

  • incorporate new, exciting reading activities into your repertoire

  • improve your time management skills and prioritise effectively

Trainer: Angie Curran

Angie Curran is currently an independent consultant and adviser in English and literacy.  She is a Chartered Educational Assessor, Chair of the London branch of the National Association of Advisers for English and an executive member of the NATE National Writing Project.  She taught English for 26 years in secondary comprehensive schools and was the Advisory Teacher for Education in/for a Multicultural Society in Croydon Education Authority before becoming the cross phase English and literacy advisor for the London Borough of Lewisham working with primary and secondary schools and Post 16 colleges.

Feedback from Course:

"Practical ideas and evidence of the importance of reading."

"Lots of wonderful ideas, thank you!"

Key Audience:

secondary school library staff

Venues and Dates:

No venues/dates are currently scheduled for this course. For more information about possible future dates, please contact the SLA Office.