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Work Smarter and Shine

Course Details:

School librarianship can be a fantastically rewarding job as we can help young people turn their aspirations into reality in so many ways. As school librarians we need to be able to multitask and work efficiently – time management and self management are crucial to our effectiveness and the outcomes we strive to achieve for our students. This course will help you to plan your work schedule, to structure a job description that is achievable and realistic, to manage your personal time, to understand teenage behaviour issues and to develop assertive responses for effective communication with all in the school community.

This course is aimed at anyone working in a secondary school library who wants to see how they could work more effectively in their role in order to achieve more productive outcomes.

The course will have an emphasis on practical exercises that can be used once back in the workplace



To learn to write a job description that is realistic and achievable and that reflects the aims of the school and the impact on teaching and learning

To understand how to write a develop plan that fits both the library and school aims for the future using SMART targets

To practice techniques for managing your own time effectively, reducing stress and increasing productivity

To understand the complexities of teenage behaviour and how to deal with it in a library setting

To develop assertive attitudes and responses in the working environment to help communication and help achieve the library and school goals



Session 1: The effective job description

The role of librarian often changes as a school develops and job descriptions may need to reflect this. This session will cover analysing our role and fitting the tasks into a meaningful, realistic and achievable description that can then be used as a working document and/or discussion document by all in order to support the aims of the school and learning outcomes for students


Session 2 Development plans

Using SMART targets to write a plan for your library that fits with the aims and objectives of your school. This will involve practical exercises and business techniques such as SWOT analysis to help you formulate a working document


Session 3 Personal management

Understanding what makes us stressed. How to avoid becoming stressed at work using time management and calming techniques to help keep you in control and so that you can achieve your goals and aims for the library and your students


Session 4 Communication

Understanding the teenage brain and what causes disruption. Practical techniques on how to combat this including anger management. How do we communicate with others in the workplace? In this session we will learn through practical exercises how to delegate and how to be assertive in order to meet our SMART targets and to have positive impact on student learning outcomes

Trainer: Sarah Pavey MSc FCLIP

Sarah is an independent trainer and consultant for school libraries and has worked as a school librarian for over 15 years both in the independent and maintained sectors. She has written the SLA e-learning courses on EPQ and  Academic Honesty. She has run courses for sixth form students, teachers and librarians in areas of information literacy, personal and behavioural management and has also helped schools with design for sixth form spaces. Sarah speaks regularly at numerous library conferences and training events and is co-author of The Innovative School Librarian. She is a member of the National SLG Committee and Information Literacy Group Committee for CILIP.

Feedback from Course:

'I have to say that this was the most useful, relevant course I have attended in a very long time, well worth the time and money. It would be invaluable for all school librarians, regardless of how experienced they are.'  Helen Farrar, Librarian, Cockermouth School

Key Audience:

secondary school library staff

Venues and Dates:

No venues/dates are currently scheduled for this course. For more information about possible future dates, please contact the SLA Office.