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The SLA Resources Blog is designed to highlight new resources which we at the SLA think may be of interest to school librarians and to others working in related fields. The blog is available at https://www.sla.org.uk/resources-blog.php and can also be read via an RSS feed at https://www.sla.org.uk/sla-resources-rss.php.

Older blog posts are still available, though archived, on the website, but please check the date at the top of the post to make sure the offer or information is likely to be valid.

Browns are Bringing Literacy Resources to You!

Feedback from customers has found the decline in showrooms, reduced resources and time restraints a challenge for literacy co-ordinators sourcing educational content for students.

Browns Books for Students have endeavoured to find a solution to provide as many physical books as possible, including our handpicked collections and newly published titles directly to our customers.

Browns Books for Students have created a Mobile Educational Book Showroom in a double decker bus! Stocked with over 4000 books for the educational sectors.

Our Book Bus is an Alexander ALX400 low-floor Double Decker with a 2002 Dennis Trident 2 chassis that has been completely refurbished and customised to our unique requirements. Measuring 10.5metres long, 2.55metres wide and 4.4metres tall and fitted with an external awning, creating an amazing 50 sq. metre mobile experience.

The lower level of the bus is fitted with two electronic meeting spaces, with live terminals to research titles or receive demonstrations on our online ordering platform or our eBook platform, VLeBooks.

The top deck has been transformed into a mobile showroom with 17 bespoke shelves displaying over 4000 physical books.  We also have 8 electronic displays providing additional information on the content and educational resources.

With mobile stock scanners, users can enjoy browsing the books and scan titles to create selections. Utilise the ordering terminals to review selections and place orders, which are available to be dispatched the same day, or serviced to your bespoke requirements and arrive shelf ready for your library.


Getting Everyone Involved!

Why not have students or library representatives on our Book Bus to put together selections that both themselves and their peers consider of interest; and would like to see in their library?

We strongly believe that if patrons of their libraries feel connected and involved in selecting the content for the libraries, they will utilise the library service even more.

Anyone can use a stock scanner to create their selections for you to review and decide whether to purchase.

On board collections will provide Department Heads and Literacy co-ordinators an effective resource to compare and review teaching resources in one place. No need to see multiple reps, no travel, or biased heavy selling.


Bringing Literacy Resources to You!

We believe that accessibility to books is crucial and our Book Bus will give the opportunity not only to major cities, but to assist rural communities and educational establishments who are not fortunate to have a static bookstore/showroom.

Our Book Bus will give access to content on site, creating an exciting and unique experience whereby everyone can get involved in viewing titles and adding new stock into schools and community libraries.


For more information:

THE BOOK BUS Browns Books for Students, 22-28 George Street, Hull HU1 3AP, Marketing Manager: Nic Hales Tel 01482 384660 - Email nic.hales[at]brownsbfs.co.uk - brownsbfs.co.uk

Read Write Inc Open Days

On 19 March a selection of 'Model Schools' in the UK are inviting headteachers and literacy leads to attend an open day to see the Read Write Inc. education programme in practice. Attendees can find out how the programme, published by Oxford University Press, can improve literacy and help to decrease the 'word gap' between children from disadvantaged backgrounds and their more affluent peers.  


The open day will take place on Monday 19 March in Caerphilly, Cornwall, Derby, Norfolk, Romford, Wokingham, Birmingham and East Sussex at 'Model Schools' for Read Write Inc., and will be open to all headteachers and literacy leads in the local area. At the open day visitors can expect to find out how the Read Write Inc. programme is implemented in their schools and see the benefits of the programme and it is improving literacy. During the day, visitors will be able to observe lessons, meet other schools in the area, get advice on how to implement the programme and see the positive impact on behaviour across the school. 


One of the highlight factors of Read Write Inc. schools is that they are talk-a-lot schools where speaking and listening skills are developed through partner work. By developing children’s vocabulary, Read Write Inchelps to address problems associated with the ‘word gap’, recently highlighted by the government’s Department for Education single departmental plan. 


The ‘word gap’ has been identified in children from disadvantaged backgrounds, who by the age of 3 are on average almost a full year and a half behind their more affluent peers in language development. In the report the DoE make recommendations on how to eliminate the 'word gap' through education in order to improve social mobility and equality of opportunity, the Read Write Inc. programme is in line with this.


 “Our Model Schools demonstrate an inspirational passion and excitement for teaching. Their attention to detail and focus on continuous professional development
marks them out and is the key to their success in getting every child to read by 6. No child should get left behind and with the right teaching and assessments we can ensure

every child is understood and the gaps in their knowledge identified and addressed.”

Ruth Miskin, Creator of Read Write Inc.


For more information on which schools are taking part and to book a place at one of the schools teachers can visit this webpage: https://global.oup.com/education/content/primary/series/rwi/model-schools-open-morning/?region=uk


Or for booking enquiries please email oxfordprimaryevents[at]oup.com  



For more information, images or to speak to one of the experts at OUP Education please contact publicist: Laura Smythe m: 07881555530 or email: laurasmythecontact[at]gmail.com


Oxford University Press, Great Clarendon Street, Oxford OX2 6DP t: 01865 354579

www.oxfordprimary.co.uk/readwriteinc Twitter: [at]OUPPrimary Facebook: [at]oxfordeducationuk

Free books from the international self-publishing phenomenon Amanda Hocking

Amanda HockingHer character-driven books, which feature trolls, hobgoblins and fairy-tale elements and keep the pages turning, have generated an excitement not felt in the industry since Stephenie Meyer or perhaps even J. K. Rowling.’  —New York Times.

Only 26 years old, Amanda Hocking had never sold a single book before 15 April 2010.  She has now sold over one million.  Switched is the first novel in the Trylle Trilogy - published for the first time in paperback, it is already hitting the top of the New York Times bestseller charts and Amanda has just completed a high profile UK tour across TV, radio and press.

Macmillan have 300 FREE copies to give away exclusively to 30 schools (10 books per school)  -  email Ellen at e.wood[at]macmillan.co.uk with your contact address if you would like to take advantage of this offer.

Here is The Guardian front cover article about Amanda  http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2012/jan/12/amanda-hocking-self-publishing - just incase you would like to get some form of context about the books and Amanda Hocking as author.

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Chatterbooks Reading Groups: new models for new times

The Reading Agency’s Chatterbooks Children’s Reading Groups scheme, is now on offer to schools free. It gives a best practice model for running reading groups, developed with expert librarians, and with ready to use resources. Chatterbooks groups can be targeted at children of any age from 4 to 14 years. 

The links between reading for pleasure and attainment are well documented, and Chatterbooks sessions are designed to give children confidence in speaking, writing and reading in a group, choosing books for themselves, and talking about what they like to read. We provide lots of ideas for fun, creative sessions, and through our partnership with 17 leading children’s publishers Chatterbooks groups get a stream of information and promotions featuring the best in children’s books.

The Reading Agency is an independent charity working to inspire more people to read more.You’ll probably know our work throughthe national Summer Reading Challenge in libraries. There are exciting volunteering opportunities for secondary school pupils, acting as reading buddies to younger children doing the Challenge, and to follow on from this to help run Chatterbooks groups. We provide training to support this activity.  

With Chatterbooks 2012 you can

  • join Chatterbooks free

  • get free best practice support from the website and e-letter, for setting up and running a Chatterbooks group

  • get new title information about children’s books

  • give children a powerful year round menu of free resources from publishers

There is a Chatterbooks web page on the Reading Groups for Everyone website, where you can find out who else is in the Chatterbooks network, blog about children’s books and what your group is doing, and get tips and ideas, plus promotions and offers from publishers.   Make sure that your group is signed up and profiled here - at www.readinggroups.org/chatterbooks

You can also get

  •   Children’s 2012 Welcome Packs  (set of 10 packs £50)*
  •   a 2012 Starter Pack for Group Leaders  (£20 per pack)*

-and when you buy any Chatterbooks packs or training you will also get access to Chatterbooks Extra downloads and offers, including termly ideas packs, creative session plans, Chatterbooks graphics, and special publisher promotions.

Attached is a press release with more detail about Chatterbooks 2012, and an order form and special Early Bird offer for the new materials.

Chatterbooks Order Form

PDF file, 469 kB

Requires Adobe Reader




Chatterbooks 2012 Offer Press Release Final

Word document, 133 kB

Requires Microsoft Word 97 or later


*We have a special discount of 10% on all materials (including the Early Bird offer) for all School Library Association members – just quote your SLA membership number when you order

If you have any enquiries, or need more information about the scheme and accompanying training, just contact us at chatterbooks[at]readingagency.org.uk  - or visit www.readinggroups.org/chatterbooks


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New Online Writing Magazine

Shoutabout Poster

PDF file, 453 kB

Requires Adobe Reader


Check out the new online writing magazine for people under 16 years old.  Shoutabout! is launched by the Children's Writers and Illustrators inSouth London (CWISL). 

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Valentine's Competition

MovellasMovellas, a leading international online reading and writing community launches in the UK to provide a social platform to create, develop and promote a love of reading and writing. Movellas is launching with a writing competition on the theme of love – to tie in with Valentine’s Day.  For information visit their website.

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