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Book reviews from children and parents

ToppstaToppsta is a relatively new website but already has more than 7,000 reviews written by children and parents. Focusing on children’s books for ages up to 12, it’s an amazing resource for keeping up to date with which books children are really enjoying reading. All the reviews are organised by the age of the child https://toppsta.com/books/by-age making it easy to see what children of all ages are reading at home. And every review includes information on whether the child read it themselves, or had the book read to them by someone else.  The site covers a broad range of titles from board books to classic fiction, debut authors to bestselling titles, fiction, reference and non-fiction

Easy centralised resource for libraries, schools and book clubs to write reviews -

  • It’s a great website for children who use your library to upload their own reviews
  • Children can build their own reading timeline and discover books recommended by other readers
  • You can also sign up to a receive a weekly newsletter with recommendations based on the age of the children in your profile

Safe environment

  • Adults are required to register first before setting up a child’s account 
  • There are no photos allowed and no forum for users to talk directly to each other, making it a safe environment for children to voice their opinions

For your library website

  • If you have a “Resources” or "Links” page on your library or school website, this would be a useful resource for children, parents, teachers and anyone interested in children’s books.

Free books

  • The site runs regular book giveaways where readers can enter to win and review books, though adults need to enter on behalf of children. 
  • Librarians are warmly invited to enter the giveaways to win books for their libraries as long as reviews are submitted after receiving the book

If you have any queries, suggestions or comments you can email georgina[at]toppsta.com

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