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Chatterbooks - reading groups for children from The Reading Agency

The Reading Agency’s Chatterbooks reading groups for children is a reading group programme for children aged 4 to 14 years. Its patron is top children’s author Dame Jacqueline Wilson. Chatterbooks groups run in libraries and schools, supporting children’s literacy development by encouraging them to have a really good time reading and talking about books.

Chatterbooks gives schools a best practice model for running reading groups, developed with expert librarians and teachers. Being part of Chatterbooks provides you with:

  • ready to use resources

  • lots of ideas for fun, creative sessions

  • promotions from leading publishers featuring the best in children’s books.

We also partner with the British Council’s Schools Online, using Chatterbooks to link UK and overseas schools. 

Why work with Chatterbooks ? The links between reading for pleasure and attainment are well documented, and recently highlighted in Ofsted’s report ‘Moving English Forward in Education’.  Chatterbooks is an ideal way to promote a love of reading - sessions are designed to give children confidence in speaking, writing and reading in a group, choosing books for themselves, and talking about what they like to read.  You can use Chatterbooks in whatever way works best for your school – for example in supporting reading recovery; engaging boys in reading; with gifted and talented children; or supporting transition.

With Chatterbooks 2012 you can:

  • Join Chatterbooks for free
  • Get free best practice support from the website and e-letter, for setting up and running a Chatterbooks group
  • Get new title information about children’s books
  • Give children a powerful year round menu of free resources from publishers

Buy special welcome packs for children (set of 10 packs £50) and starter packs for group leaders (£20 )  with 10% discount for SLA members!

What people are saying about Chatterbooks:

Mrs S Robson, Head Teacher, Bridgewater School in Newcastle: Chatterbooks is a very popular lunch time club that we value greatly. The children love going and it is an ideal opportunity for them to enjoy books. We are very fortunate to have such dedicated volunteers who run the sessions and the children have built up excellent relationships with them. The club has not only developed children's love of books but has also had an impact on their reading ability.

(NB: This is a group that's growing fast, with around 30 children in total participating, as they run groups in lunchtime slots.)

Pamela Barnes, Head Teacher, Devonshire Road Primary School in Bolton: Chatterbooks was a huge success with my Year Six group. It encouraged them to read books they would otherwise not have dreamed of trying, including some very challenging reads. It was fabulous to hear them enthusing over their reading and recommending books to other pupils; it definitely had a positive effect on other pupils’ reading as well as their own. The Chatterbooks materials helped set up the club as something special – they all loved their bag of goodies and I made good use of the ideas that Chatterbooks provides. I think the Chatterbooks branding also helped it to appeal to a diverse range of pupils; 30% of my group were boys, for example, and 50% spoke English as an additional language.’
Faith Ward, parent:Matthew (now nearly 10) has been struggling with his reading and lacked confidence in tackling books.  Since being part of Chatterbooks (at Chippenham Library) he has enjoyed reading a great deal more, sped through the school’s reading scheme and become a ‘free reader’ in October 2011.  He is currently reading a book of nearly 600 pages (slowly but surely), a feat I never thought he would want to do.’

For offers, stories, downloadable resources, and details of materials for sale, see the Chatterbooks web page at www.readinggroups.org/chatterbooks  - and get started with Chatterbooks! Win a free Chatterbooks group leader’s starter pack!



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