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Create a Comic, a Superhero Diary or a Suspenseful Story

Reading Zone Logo SmlReadingZone is working with authors and The Phoenix comic to launch a range of creative projects for schools! Pupils can join in making a comic, creating a superhero's diary, or seeing how good they are at writing stories that are full of suspense!

ReadingZone will launch the following projects in early March, ready to run during March / April, to complete before the Easter break. For now, we want to know which schools would like to get involved.

Get in touch by emailing: info@ReadingZone.com with your schools' details, the age of the pupils and which project you'd like to take part in.  All the projects are free for schools to enter, each one has a fabulous prize and, where possible, we will be encouraging schools to communicate and collaborate with each other.  The projects are as follows:

MAKE A COMIC - We are working with The Phoenix comic, inviting a group of schools (secondary or primary) to work together to make a comic over the course of a few weeks.  The Phoenix will provide you with a 'comic starter' and some guidelines, as well as templates for the layout. Each school that takes part in the project will be asked to complete one page of the comic before passing it on to the next school to complete the next page. Schools will have one week to work on their comic page.

The winner of the project is the school that creates the best page. The winners will be announced live during the ReadingZone Festival on Wednesday 25th June. The prize includes a set of graphic novels and a skype chat with a comic creator on the 25th June.

DIARY OF A SUPERHERO / SUPERVILLAIN - This project is about imagining a day in the life of a Superhero - or a Supervillain - and we want your pupils (primary and secondary) to create a diary of it. This can be in any format they want: a straight diary, illustrations, a filmed comedy sketch or drama, or an audio version. Anything goes!

Each school will work on their own entries, as individuals or as groups. The winners will be announced during the ReadingZone Festival on Thursday 26th June and the prizes will include signed copies of Roald Dahl Funny Prize winner Jamie Thomson's Dark Lord series, a skyped chat with the author to discuss the winning entry on Thursday 26th June, plus a professional ‘comic’ illustration of the winning entry, provided by Orchard Books!

WRITING FOR SUSPENSE - Here, we will be looking for the most suspenseful story. A group of schools (primary or secondary) will be provided with an exciting 'story starter' from Steve Cole that will help your writers to build suspense into their stories.  We want each school taking part to write a paragraph of up to 300 words to develop the story, before passing the story onto the next school, who will contribute their 300 words etc. Each school will have three days to write their suspenseful paragraph.

The winner is the school that has made the best contribution to the story and the winners will be announced during the ReadingZone Festival on Friday 27th June. The prize will include a range of thrillers or adventure stories, plus a skyped chat with an author to discuss the winning entry.

Schools are welcome to register their own groups, for the group projects, or ReadingZone can allocate your school to a group.
For more details, visit the website.

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