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ePlatform and eBook lending

Eplatform ScreenThe eBook lending platform that's enabling more students to discover the joy of reading

With its focus on reader engagement and features that improve literacy – ePlatform is an eBook lending platform capturing imaginations in over 1,000 schools and libraries across the UK and worldwide.

This is the most cost effective solution on the market – spend more of your budget on eBooks, not hosting. A one touch Reading App makes it easy to read eBooks anytime, anywhere – even offline. ePlatform offers more than 350,000 titles including the latest UK and international best sellers and Collection Builder compilations (lists of most borrowed titles in schools like yours) for easy collection development and Consortium features are available.

But it's the additional features that are grabbing attention. ePlatform offers customisable settings to enhance the reading experience for students with reading challenges like dyslexia. Students can vary the font, background colour, look up the meaning of unfamiliar words and use internet links to learn more.

Along with Accelerated Reader these features are opening up the world of reading to reluctant readers. Mirfield Free Grammar School says "Reluctant readers are more engaged for longer periods than they would be with a book. They are less likely to become distracted. The opportunity for students to customise their reading matter to make it more accessible to their individual needs means there is a whole new range of books available to them. Students feel empowered as they see barriers being removed. Students with SEND needs are starting to enjoy reading again!"

Of course being digital means that there is no question of damage to or loss of books. With complete control over loans, age restrictions, reporting functions and support – everything's at your fingertips.

Learn more at eplatform.co
Or contact: James Richmond, ePlatform Business Development Manager, UK
Tel: 01242 801852
Email: jamesr[at]eplatform.co

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