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Exam Attack update

In a previous issue of the School Librarian Beth Khalil reviewed Nicola Morgan's digital resource, Exam Attack. With exam season almost upon us we thought now might be a good time to re share it, there is an exciting offer for SLA members to follow soon!


"I have read quite a few exam study skills guides which have had some useful information in them, but I found this ebooklet to be so much more informative and relatable to student needs because of the neat, encouraging style it is written in, using lists and tips rather than paragraphs of text to read through.

The guide starts with a complete list in brief of study tips to use in advance of exams covering stress factors which all students will face but explaining how to approach these sensibly to reduce panic. There is a pdf link to a printed list of these tips to put on a wall above a student’s desk as a reminder.

The guide is then divided into small chapters explaining how to have a good revision timetable (with downloadable copies to print and use), relaxation tips (if you build relaxation into every day you will perform better) and a list of the relaxation ideas and techniques to try. I especially liked the reading for pleasure tip because I know students who stop reading for pleasure completely during their GCSE years because they “don’t have time”.

The Feed Your Brain chart is excellent as it lists exam boosting foods, revision fuel and healthy meals all laid out to remind students of the kinds of meals and snacks that will help with revision and stress. The worry list is something I have not come across or thought about before and I think that the ‘stress buddy’ advice would work very well, especially with a group of students who are studying the same subjects. The last minute checklist for the day before exams start reiterates the positive advice given earlier in the guide,

I loved the letters page where Nicola answers questions and problems from students who have gotten in touch with her personally – the advice obviously works! My favourite part of the guide though has to be the Reading for Pleasure chapter which lists the benefits of pleasure reading, linking this activity to destressing and I absolutely love the new name she gives it - Readaxation! This resource is well worth purchasing and recommending to students who are seriously focused about revision and exam preparation. "

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