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HP Book Night 2016

HP NightHARRY POTTER BOOK NIGHT will now be celebrated annually and returns on Thursday February 4th 2016 as HARRY POTTER BOOK NIGHT: A NIGHT OF SPELLS...  For 2016, the theme of the celebrations will be spells and their place at the heart of the unparallelled HARRY POTTER stories.

The NEW event kit is packed full of activities and inspiration for hosting an utterly spellbinding event - from creating a potions corner to designing your own magical spells to testing your knowledge of spells in HARRY POTTER with the Ultimate Spellathon trivia challenge! There are also some of the favourite activities from last year, including the Sorting Hat, but there is also a host of NEW ideas to inspire you to organise even bigger and better celebrations. As before, the event kit is free and easy-to-download from  the website and will help those looking to host a HARRY POTTER BOOK NIGHT event in a school, library, bookshop or community setting - or even as the ultimate sleepover party! NEW FOR 2016 - This year, hosts can publicise their HARRY POTTER BOOK NIGHT events by uploading the event details on the interactive map at harrypotterbooknight.com.

On January 14th, there will be the launch of an online poll at harrypotterbooknight.com to decide the nation’s favourite HARRY POTTER spell. Spread the word and be sure to register your own vote!

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