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Stories from Around the World

Caledon Public Library would like to ask every library and school library interested in participating to create a short video depicting a folktale that may have originated within your community or culture. The video need only be approximately 2 to 5 minutes in length. Should anyone not be able to provide a video feed but merely just an audio feed (and would like to include pictures rather than a video) that would be great as well. CPL will be opening a YouTube channel that will display all of the video submissions. We will be setting up a SkyDrive for each participating library to log in and upload their respective video (or videos). Submissions will open September 1st, and close on November 1st. This way children involved in any Summer Reading Club programs may create a video, as well as any students returning to school in September. Should anyone complete a video before September, we will be able to open the channel to allow you to upload your videos early.

Video Submissions

The idea is for our Young library patrons, aged anywhere from 5-20 years old, to act out, or re-tell a folktale or legend which originated within your community or country. Videos can be done as individuals or in groups.  Therefore participating libraries can submit multiple videos if you have numerous groups of children and teens wanting to create a folktale/legend story video. Videos can be submitted to SkyDrive in any format that you are able to use, and from there Caledon Public Library will re-format all videos so that they can be uploaded to YouTube. Children and teens can use any form of photography or video recording available to them to create this video. Therefore a video made from a mobile phone is more than acceptable. If there is anyone who wants to participate but may not have the ability to create an audio video than you may simply just submit to us pictures that perhaps depict your tale as it unfolds. From here, CPL will take your photos and any words you submit with them, and create a slideshow for you, that can be uploaded onto YouTube.

Caledon think this is a great opportunity for all those children who love their library! Even if they do not have the capability to create a digital or audio file, they can send CPL their "story" or "skit" of their story, and we can work with them to bring it to life on YouTube.  If anyone is interested please contact Leo Scardicchio :

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