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  • School Librarian

    Last Changed: 10/12/18

  • School Library Association

    Librarianship charity offering information, guidance and training for all school staff and librarians at primary, secondary and sixth form level

    Last Changed: 23/07/21

  • Qfiles

    Last Changed: 19/08/19

  • Qfiles

    Last Changed: 19/08/19

  • Biteable

    Last Changed: 05/12/18

  • Contempoplay

    Last Changed: 10/08/21

  • Sunflower Challenge: Information for Schools

    Last Changed: 03/05/22

  • Advice on Employment Issues

    Last Changed: 05/12/18

  • Library management software

    Last Changed: 21/03/22

  • Classify and Catalogue your Library

    Last Changed: 14/04/22

  • Useful contacts list

    Last Changed: 07/04/21

  • Information Literacy and the Primary School Library

    A brief guide to information literacy in a primary setting.

    Last Changed: 06/04/20

  • Submission to School Library Commission

    Last Changed: 10/08/21

  • Weekend Course Venue Site Visit Checklist

    Last Changed: 19/12/18

  • Personal Shopper school library service

    Helen Emery at King Edward VI School in Lichfield has shared one of the services that will help her provide a service.

    Last Changed: 19/12/18

  • More books for Under 8's

    There are always more reviews than can be squeezed into the print edition but all the hard work by our reviewers is not wasted. So here are some extras for the Under 8's Bell, Davina and Colpoys, Allison.

    Last Changed: 19/12/18