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.... Information Literacy Group (ILG) of CILIP training at the Frenchay campus of UWE, 4th March.  ... This is particularly suited to new professionals or those new to teaching Information Literacy, although everyone welcome. ... This day will introduce some key Information Literacy frameworks and give an overview of key ideas associated with teaching information skills.

The IL Award honours an individual or team whose work has made a significant contribution to IL over the past 3 years. The award is open to all practitioners, researchers and academics working in the IL field within the United Kingdom...

.... The latest issue (Dec 2018) of Journal of Information Literacy is now available at jil.lboro.ac.uk ... JIL is an open access journal providing high quality evidence-based articles on the latest developments in information literacy.  
Information Literacy Skills - for primary and secondary pupils · Information Literacy Checklist   ... · KISSING: Introducing a Concept Framework for Information Literacy -  PowerPoint presentation for teaching colleagues   ... · Information Literacy Powerpoint for year 9/10 assemblies   
.... Please note – the following course modules will be updated shortly to take account of CILIP’s new  Definition of Information Literacy 2018 guidelines.
ABOUT THE COURSE .... Introduction Welcome to the online Information Literacy training programme. ... This will result in a deeper understanding of the way the library can support the promotion of information literacy and an understanding of how you can develop the library services to meet the needs of the pupils. ... Who is eligible to apply? Anyone who has responsibility for delivering the library support for the teaching of information literacy.
Access to the Modules ....

  • Introduction
  • Module one
  • Module two
  • Module three
  • Module four
  • Module five
  • Module six


IL in the real world

PowerPoint presentation, 7 MB (Requires Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or later)

.... Please see the flyer about low-cost ways for libraries to celebrate the upcoming Global Media and Information Literacy (MIL) Week 2017.
.... Arm yourself with sufficient knowledge to become more involved in, or to spearhead, an Information Literacy Programme in your school.  During the day delegates will explore the definition of Information Literacy and how it applies to 21st century learners.

Our course There is a Better Way. Information Literacy - Skills to Empower, run by Lin Smith, will be held at Gordano School, St Mary's Road, Portishead, Bristol BS20 7QR on 18 May 2017...

.... During the day delegates will explore what Information Literacy means to 21st century learners, consider the best kind of thinking and questioning and look at ways to approach IL as a whole school issue.  Other items covered will include indentifying core skills.


Our course There is a Better Way. Information Literacy - Skills to Empower, run by Lin Smith, will be held at BG Venues, Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln LN1 3DY on 8 March 2016...


Our course There is a Better Way. Information Literacy - Skills to Empower, run by Lin Smith, will be held at BG Venues, Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln on 8 March 2016...



We are pleased to announce that a second session of our course There is a Better Way. Information Literacy - Skills to Empower will take place in London...


Our There is a Better Way. Information Literacy - Skills to Empower course, run by Lin Smith, will be held at UCL Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0AL on 4 November 2015...

.... A brand new online course is now available! It covers all aspects of Information Literacy and is designed for non-specialists who have been appointed to take, or are interested in taking, a pivotal role in this aspect of student learning.
.... The CILIP Information Literacy Group are supporting a new TeenTech award to recognise excellence in research and information literacy.
.... The CILIP Information Literacy Group and Talis are proud to offer an award for achievement in the field of information literacy. ... The award is open to practitioners (including school librarians), researchers and academics working in the information literacy field within the UK. ... · Raising the profile of information literacy within an organisation   ... · Initiating or contributing to national, regional or local projects / initiatives which enhance information literacy skills for an identified client group(s)   ... · Undertaking original research in the field of information literacy and making a significant contribution to the literature.  
.... LILAC HQ and CILIP ILG have launched the 2015 Information Literacy Awards – guaranteed to bring New Year excitement and get little fingers pounding away on keyboards to get those nominations ready for scrutiny! Nominations are invited from all sectors for the 3 awards which will be presented at LILAC 2015 in Newcastle on April 9th.  Shortlisted nominees will be listed on the website in early March.  Head to the website for details of the application process. ... For comments from past winners, and the new flyer just in from the LILAC art department - http://www.lilacconference.com/WP/wp-content/uploads/ILA_AwardFlyer_digital-final.pdf The Information Literacy Award recognises an outstanding contribution from an information literacy practitioner or researcher.  Closing date: February 27th 2015.  The Credo Reference Digital Award for Information Literacy recognises a digital resource, programme or service which has made a significant impact.  Closing date: February 27th 2015.  The Student Award consists of conference registration, travel and accommodation expenses for two students registered on a UK study programme.
.... InFlow (Information Flow) is a new model of applied information literacy designed to be integrated within the curriculum. ... You can view a copy on the website. This session will introduce the model and suggest some ways in which it might be used by school librarians to devise information literacy sessions and support students in developing creative, collaborative and reflective skills.
.... InFlow (Information Flow) is a new information literacy model developed from the EC-funded iTEC project. ... This adaptation attempts to use the same approach to teach information literacy.
.... Don't forget Phil Bradley and his challenge - the deadline for the CILIP Presidential Information Literacy Challenge is the 1st May.  Show Phil Bradley and colleagues your information literacy work in action by sending them a two minute film or interactive poster for the chance to win a free place at Umbrella 2013.  
.... We have just published Plans, Practices and Policies: Information Literacy and the Secondary School Library in our Guidelines series.
.... The students of the University of Michigan's Information Literacy for Teaching and Learning Course are pleased to announce the digital publication of INFORMATION LITERACY IN THE WILD, a compilation of essays reflecting their field experiences in public libraries, K-12 libraries, K-12 classrooms, college classrooms (online and face-to-face), academic libraries, museums, and more. They hope you will enjoy reading about their observations, projects, and conclusions. ... ·  how an AP language teacher plans to teach an information literacy unit  
.... · CILIP - Information Literacy page CILIP's definition and introduction pages   ... · IFLA Information Literacy section Includes the International Information Literacy Resources Directory   ... · Information Literacy website Information site developed by CILIP, HEA ICS, MLA, SCONUL and the SLA   ... · Noodle Tools Search for information literacy   ... · The Big 6 The Big 6 is an information literacy model.  
.... Awareness and Promotion of Information Literacy is the latest title in our SLA Voices series of shorter works written from a personal perspective. ... Michael's College in Dublin, it covers her experience in organising a successful Library Week to promote information literacy.
.... What teachers and teacher librarians badly need to help them achieve this is a professional tool that combines knowledge and use of the web, Web 2.0 tools and information literacy for schools. ... It does this by focusing on the knowledge and skills needed by teachers and teacher librarians to be information literate web users and to develop these abilities in their students.
.... Launched on the United Nations' International Literacy Day, the Welsh Information Literacy Project will develop a unified and progressive framework to support information literacy in schools, further and higher education, the workplace and the wider community, raising awareness of the importance of information literacy in 21st century Wales. ... The project begins with the launch of the information literacy statement for Wales, inspired by an information literacy conference held at Gregynog Hall in mid Wales in 2009, which identified the need and scope for the project. ... The Welsh Information Literacy Project is based in Cardiff University's Information Services Directorate and is funded by the Welsh Assembly Government's CyMAL: Museums, Archives and Libraries Wales division. ... The project brings together librarians from all sectors across Wales and is working with partners from the Welsh Assembly Government and others to develop and promote an information literacy framework, mapped across the curriculum. ... The Welsh Information Literacy Project will provide evidence of information literacy best practice via case studies, highlighting current work across all sectors. ... The project's holistic approach, embedding information literacy training throughout education and employment will enable Wales to fully capitalise on the benefits of information literacy. ... These include increasing social inclusion, enhancing academic achievement, and supporting citizens' access to key knowledge.  For more information, please visit the Welsh Information Literacy Project website or contact Joy Head, Information Literacy Development Officer for Wales, at headja1[at]cardiff.ac.uk
.... A petition has been presented to the Scottish Parliament by two Scottish University librarians on the subject of Information Literacy. ... It calls upon the Scottish Parliament "to urge the Scottish Executive to ensure that that national school curriculum recognises the importance of information literacy as a key lifelong learning skill." The supporting document explains this and suggests ways forward.
.... Susie Andretta (London Metropolitan University) is the guest editor of this issue which focuses on Information Literacy and the challenges of implementation. ... "One of the key issues presented here is that information literacy is a fundamental requirement for a learning society. ... As a result Higher Education Institutions need to implement information literacy education as a top-down initiative, where lifelong learning initiatives are promoted by institutional learning and teaching policies, and as a bottom-up approach to fully integrate these strategies in curricular activities that facilitate a dynamic investigation of the disciplines." · Volume 5 Issue 1, Information Literacy: challenges of implementation  
.... Key ideas that seemed to grow as the conference progressed were around the importance of a social context for information literacy as opposed to a skills based approach divorced from the community of learners, formal or informal, and advocacy for the subject.
.... The research project Information Literacy Skills - the link between secondary and tertiary education being undertaken by Glasgow Caledonian University has received funding from Eduserv to progress a particular strand of its work. ... The project is an innovative national pilot to develop an information literacy framework with secondary and tertiary partners which, at the end of the project, can be rolled out to other participants. ... The funding will make it possible for Glasgow Caledonian University to develop an information literacy framework linking the secondary and tertiary sectors in co-operation with pre-identified secondary and tertiary partners and following discussions with SCQF (Scottish Credit Qualification Framework) the framework will be developed using SCQF aims, structure and key features. The framework will map the existing learning that is taking place by allocating a notional level to learning outcomes and support a continuing learning process through identifying a learning pathway within the context of SCQF as part of an educational guidance or personal development planning process. ... "In a knowledge economy information literacy is a key skill for the 21st century and Scotland is playing a key role in developing framework skills which can be applied not only in this country but elsewhere.
.... Funded by the Eduserv Information Literacy Foundation, the projects are to be run by Netskills, a training provider based at Newcastle University.
.... The Eduserv Foundation recently awarded Netskills two grants to fund pilot workshop programmes related to information literacy in the schools sector. ... Findings from the two projects, which were funded as part of the Eduserv Information Literacy Initiatives, are now available.

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