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Shakespeare resources

Shakespeare Booklist

  • A list of books featuring stories based on the plays, novels in which he makes an appearance and information about his life and times. With links to information about the 2016 commemorations (updated from original version compiled by Jayne Gould).

Shakespeare Booklist 2016

Word document, 73 kB (Requires Microsoft Word 97 or later)


Shakespeare Week

National Shakespeare Week takes place every year in March to avoid a clash with school Easter holidays around Shakepeare's birthday on 23rd April. There are many resources on the website and local libraries also stage events.

Understanding the context of a Shakespeare play

This activity for secondary students has been produced by Mrs A Dinmore, teacher at the Ecclesbourne School in Derbyshire. The activity relies on using the Library, the Ecclesbourne Librarian, who was Lin Smith at the time of writing, and resources rom Derbyshire SLS . Lin Smith is also Past Chair of the School Library Association. Copyright lies with Mrs Dinmore so please credit her when using any of the material.

This particular lesson worked well with a Year 9 class.

Shakespeare Play

Word document, 11 kB

Requires Microsoft Word 2007 or later




PDF file, 376 kB

Requires Adobe Reader